Tuesday, May 25, 2010


George and Lynne are at Sammy and 'Mantha's house. George apologises for being late and Lynne explains that they had to stop by the optician's and pick up her new reading glasses. 'Mantha tells Lynne that the really suit her. Sammy disagrees and says that glasses full of wine are more his style.

Sammy and 'Mantha have invited George and Lynne round for what looks like an outdoor lunch. It could be a barbecue but it does seem as though it is just those two couples rather than a party. Unfortunately the weather has not been kind to them as it is mostly overcast except for one streak of blue sky between the clouds.

Lynne arrives looking conservative having done up the button on her top. As soon as she feels relaxed this button is quickly undone and she shows a bit more chest. She felt that showing that amount of cleavage at the optician's may have been deemed as inappropriate. The glasses Lynne has got are billed as new but look very similar to the ones she already owns. Due to the fact that she only uses them for reading, it is likely that 'Mantha has not seen them before as she is not part of Lynne's book club.

Lynne keeps her glasses on during Sammy's outburst even though she only needs them for reading. This suggests that he took them all by surprise as he had been quite quiet up until then. Sammy says that he favours wine but really any alcohol could have been in those glasses. When George and Lynne arrive he is drinking from a tumbler which suggests a spirit of some sort. He has now moved on to wine, and not just one glass. How many more different drinks will Sammy have? Judging by the state he's in now, at the beginning of the barbecue, there will undoubtedly be a scene by the end. George will also have to take over the cooking as Sammy has burnt himself on the hot charcoal. 'Mantha is worried and we can see that all too clearly on her face during Sammy's outburst.

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