Monday, May 24, 2010


Lynne is out and about with an unnamed friend. The woman tells Lynne that her and Hugh really enjoyed that hotel's murder mystery weekend. Lynne ponders booking her and George in to the next one. Her friend approves telling Lynne that Hugh played the part of a murderer. Lynne says that she supposes it was a case of Hugh-dunnit.

Lynne's friend points out the hotel in which she enjoyed a murder mystery weekend but fails to mention the name of the hotel. The name is also obscured so it still remains unknown. Does this hotel not like any advertisement? Surely that hotel would like it if Lynne's friend mentioned the name of the hotel when saying how much she enjoyed her time there so that passers-by would know which hotel to go to for a good evening. If there is another hotel right next door, members of the public will get very confused and the better of the two hotels may lose valuable business.

Lynne's friend may not mention the name of the hotel but she does continue to mention the name of her partner for the evening, Hugh. It would seem that although she had a good time at the hotel, Hugh owns his own hotel called 'Hugh's' and is eager for business. The lady, either Hugh's business or romantic partner, is hoping that by saying Hugh a lot but mentioning a good time in a hotel that eavesdroppers will put those together and book a weekend in 'Hugh's'. Unfortunately, because it has a lavish colour scheme inside, the hotel that hosted the murder mystery weekend is called Hues.


  1. I found out today, through the Sunday Times, that The Sun no longer carries George and Lynne in newspaper, only on the website.

    A little part of me died.

    Without the strip in the paper it brings two thoughts. One is that this blog may be a little redundant as the reach of the comic on the website is going to be far less than the paper. The second is that in light of the demise of the printed strip, it is the ideal time to produce a book of the work of this site, and some added extras.

    Anyone know any publishers?

  2. Hi Hughesie,
    I don't know if this'd help
    but I'd definitely buy it if you manage to pull it off... I noticed The Sun had pulled G&L recently which is a shame because your blog has been a top laugh!

  3. please keep the blog going - it's hilarious. the strip is still online so there should be new material. if not, there is always to mine for older strips.

  4. Bad news, Hughesie, bad news indeed.

    I can see why the Sun has dropped the strip. It has been increasing desperate for some time now - gold dust for you, bad news for the Sun. Like Robbo suggests, can you use old strips? If not, is there another strip that could be subjected to your examination?

    As for the book, I'd buy as well.

  5. They still update the website, and I've got a backlog of about 80 strips. I'll keep going until the creative juices dry up or Murdoch starts charging to use his websites.

  6. In terms of a publisher, build up a longer run of commented cartoons, and whilst you're doing it, look up similar books from similar blogs (eg G-G, unnovations, thingsmygirlfriendandihavearguedabout, etc) and you'll know which publishers are interested in that kind of book. Get a little bit of interest from one, then you'll have no problem getting an agent who will pitch them against one another and get you the best deal (and take a massive slice, but that's his job). Don't expect to make big money, it's a one-hit Christmas toilet book, so maybe a few grand, but worth doing to impress your friends :-)