Monday, February 15, 2010


Lynne is in the bath. She thinks to herself that she has heard that Tanya's other half took her to the opera last week but he did the wrong thing by staring at the busty soprano. Due to this Tanya spent some of his money at the jewellers.

Lynne is thinking in the bathroom again. This time she has opted for a bath but has neglected to put in enough water. She added the bubble bath and then turned the tap on but perhaps she forgot to turn the immersion tank on this morning and there is a distinct lack of hot water left in the house. Lynne is determined to have a bath but soon realises this is a futile attempt and gets out.

Even if the soprano was busty, it seems a little harsh that Tanya's man would be chastised for looking at her. She was singing an aria so he had little choice but to look at her. However, he may have sought her out after the performance and then stared at her breasts even more.

Tanya has managed to get her other half to give her a lot of money by making him feel guilty. The high notes she has taken are probably £20s and £50s giving Tanya somewhere between £120 and £300, which is enough to buy a ring or necklace. However this particular jewellers she has chosen cannot even spell jewellers on the front of their shop. This could mean one of two things. Either this 'jewelers' is a fake and will sell Tanya a cubic zirconia instead of a diamond for an inflated price or it deals in stolen goods and Tanya will pick up a massive rock for a cut price fee. Either way, it is not a reputable place to spend those high notes.

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  1. It is, of course, possible that this is Lynne mentally rehearsing her set for the open mic night at the newly opened Wimbledon Comedy Club. If it is, she's in for a very rude awakening when the audience, expecting some cutting edge political satire, start to jeer and throw things. Lynne's tired comedy stylings are very much out of date in the politically charged early 1980's.

    It is entirely possible that this is not the case and the incident recalled by Lynne did happen. If so, this does seem a bit rough on Tanya's other half as ogling women constitutes around 50% of the "humour" in the world of George and Lynne. Tanya's other half looks a lot older than she does so presumably she is only interested in his money. What a money grabbing bitch. Lynne would do well to keep Tanya away from Wimbledon's number one property lawyer.

    Finally, I think that the shop shown in the last frame is run by a Mr J E Weler who, by an amazing coincidence, is a jeweller. If not, he needs to have a serious word with his signwriter.