Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Lynne is in the shower. She thinks to herself that she's heard that Melissa has employed a new gardener. Due to this, Melissa has hardly spent any time in the garden, but neither has her gardener because he is constantly in the house with Melissa.

Lynne does a lot of her thinking in the shower. She enjoys the solitude and the warm water stimulates her brain. On this occasion she is thinking about Melissa's new gardener. Has Melissa employed this gardener because she now simply does not have the time to work on her garden or because the old gardener has had to leave for some reason? He may have got a better job, moved to a different area or perhaps died. He may have quit because Melissa never left him alone.

Melissa and the gardener look like they are just outside a bedroom. This implies that they are having sexual relations. Melissa is wearing a revealing top which implies that she is trying to seduce the gardener. The gardener looks to be pulling away from Melissa and making a face that says “What are you doing woman?” He's got rhodedendrons to cut back. His hair looks slightly ruffled. This may be due to working outside but it could be that this latest tryst has just been completed. He has quickly put his dungarees back on and wants to make a quick exit.

Lynne, although thinking about Melissa and gardener initially, decides to shout the last part of her thought. It is not uncommon for Lynne to do this but at least on this occasion no one is around to hear her. Is this a form of tourette's that she has where she has to blurt out the last part of any thought? It may be the reason why she says so many bad jokes aloud because if she thought them people would be constantly hearing her punchlines. Immediately after this, George shouts up the stairs “Who are you talking to dear?” and Lynne feels very embarrassed.


  1. Doesn't Melissa look just like the hotel receptionist that enjoyed the football team the other day.

  2. For some reason the gardener reminds me of the gardener from "The Lawnmower Man".

  3. I bet George was responsible for the sale of that bungalow. Maybe he noticed its lawns were unkempt, and thus tipped the wink to someone that there was a lady moving in who'd need their bushes trimming?

    I wonder if he has a Garden Business on the side? Or, EVEN MORE LIKELY, is running Wimbledon's first gigolo cum gardener supply business. Maybe that's why he has such an aversion to gardening. Working that gig was how he got in with the Wimbledon monied scene, and met Lynne all those years ago. Doing so required actions, the memories of which he has put in a box, and would rather never again confront.

    Pimping is a risky road George, a risky road. Especially for a conveyor. Best left to a tough guy in a camel coat in a Jag Mk 2.

  4. At least Lynne seems to be getting her hair wet in the shower now and having a proper wash.