Thursday, February 11, 2010


Lynne is helping an unnamed friend move into her new flat, for which the friend thanks Lynne. Lynne confirms that the reason she is moving is because she is leaving her partner. The friend tells Lynne it was overdue and that the partner, Dave, wouldn't help her do anything. Lynne asks why and the answer is that he was always busy doing nothing.

Lynne's friend is moving to new flat but we are not quite sure whether we are in her new flat or in the house she is moving out of. The fact that she says into my new flat rather than out of my house suggests that this is the new flat. Lynne's job should really be lifting boxes and not finding places for items. That should be left to the occupant as Lynne may have different ideas of exactly where to put that stack of coloured books.

Lynne is helping out and has put herself in charge of lighting. She has grabbed a lamp and then a taller lamp. These items are usually placed in pretty much standard areas of the house and have to be close to plug sockets so it is unlikely that Lynne's choice will be too different to that of her friend. Her friend is starting with the barn from a nativity scene and then moved on to a mirror. By the end she is left with some gauze whereas Lynne has run out of lights. It appears this woman does not have many possessions.

Dave did not help her do anything we hear. But what was it that she wanted to do? If it was colour code her books then she managed that quite well herself. If it was artificial light management then she always had Lynne. It sounds as though she didn't need Dave at all.

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  1. It looks to me that Lynne was out jogging when she was stopped in the street and asked for help. Her clothes are entirely unsuitable for house removal work. She'll be covered in dust.

    The woman who Lynne stopped to help is the bitter philosophy lecturer at Wimbledon tech. Alas, her musings on metaphyicial notions of nothingness are lost on Lynne. You'll have to lower the tone, significantly, if you want to make Lynne laugh, love.