Thursday, February 25, 2010


Lynne is talking to an unnamed friend who tells Lynne that in the old days there was a saying that was 'Lock up your daughters'. After looking at some men and some women she says the saying is now 'Lock up your sons, husbands and fathers'.

It really is difficult to know where Lynne is. Initially it seems that these men are looking in through a barn door at Lynne and her friend. By the end it might be that they are at a garden party of some kind. If the garden party is hosted by the friend it is a wonder why she invited such floozies who have driven away a respectable three generations of men.

The three men, who it seems consist of the man in the black and red jumper, his father and his son, are leaving the garden party. They all look thoroughly miserable yet just before they were all looking longingly at three women. What exactly did these women do to drive the men away? They can all see each other so there's no surprises there and no one has said a word. It seems they leave because of the scowl from Lynne's friend.

Lynne's friend refers to the three men as husbands, sons and fathers. It all now becomes clear. These three men are the husband, father and son of Lynne's friend. Lynne has come round to see her friend but her friend is concerned about the local prostitutes who use the outside of her house as a place to 'turn tricks'. The men like the idea of some hookers outside their house but Lynne's friend does not. She has warned them before about waving at the ladies of the night and when they see she has spotted them, the men walk back into the house with their heads hung low. An embarrassing moment for the family.

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  1. I think that the matter is less obvious than has been supposed. Now, I'm by no means an expert, but the three men in the last frame look like a gang of predatory homosexuals. Perhaps they have gate-crashed the party and have been making advances to the sons, husbands and fathers of guests at the party. Who knows, perhaps some of the sons, husbands and fathers are closet gays and have welcomed the moves made by the gang. And this is why Lynne's friend feels that the males mentioned need to be locked up.