Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Lynne is in bed thinking that her and George's German friend Helga has been staying with them. Lynne refers to her as a little tart and remembers that she has been parading around George in sexy underwear. She promptly does the same because she is the only one allowed to do that.

That is one giant pillow. Is it a special pillow that stretches across the entire width of the bed that both she and George share or does George have one on his side too? If this is a normal size double bed then it would seem that George wouldn't have space for an equally large pillow on his side so he may just have a normal size pillow. It may seem unfair that Lynne has a massive pillow and George not, but Lynne may have neck and back problems which mean she needs a special pillow to help her spine.

Helga has been staying with them but we do not know the nature of their friendship. If she feels comfortable enough to walk around their house in only her underwear then it would seem that she is a close enough friend and not just staying for a couple of nights on her travels. Then again, those Europeans do things a little different to the Brits. You would expect that if Lynne had invited her to stay, or at least said yes to her plea, that she would know that Helga was a flirt and a threat to Lynne. Thin carefully next time Lynne.

Now Lynne is parading around in her underwear. Does this mean Helga has left? Did Lynne throw her out? More likely is that she wants to go and check out the sights of Wimbledon before she continues her travels thus leaving Lynne to have George all to herself. George sees the fact that Lynne has come out wearing underwear as some healthy competition that has forced Lynne to up her game. Either that or George was expecting Helga and his next face will be that of a forlorn man who has seen something he's seen 100 times before.


  1. I wonder who invited Helga to come and stay? If it was a joint effort, then fine. But if it was George, perhaps he had an ulterior motive. And if it was Lynne she only has herself to blame.

    Another question that remains unanswered. Has Helga stayed before? If she has, then Lynne should really have expected this unless, of course, Helga has only recently reached the age at which she would wear sexy underwear. Perhaps Helga is the daughter of friends who has grown up with a crush on Uncle George. Or perhaps George has shown her a lot of attention over the years and has groomed her until she was old enough. Or perhaps he has his eye on a threesome with Lynne as well. Given George's seedy hobbies, none of these would be a surprise.

    In the last frame, George gives Lynne a quizzical smile. Is that because she has said only the last part of her train of thought out loud and George hasn't got the faintest idea what she is talking about.

    So many questions, so few answers.

  2. George knows just what Lynne is on about. He just read it all in the copy of The Sun he is holding.

  3. Lynne should know at her age that going to bed in full makeup will do nothing for her complexion