Wednesday, February 10, 2010


George is out an about with an unnamed friend. He tells him that he and Lynne had an awful row this morning. He continues by telling him that he hates arguing with Lynne but he supposes that if he didn't he'd miss the best part. His friend wants to know what that is and George tells him that it is the making up.

For once George is out an about. He has another friend who isn't Sammy but does have a moustache. They are on their way somewhere but George has to stop off at the flower shop first to get some flowers, presumably to help with his making up with Lynne. The friend may be a little bit annoyed that this row has interrupted their planned afternoon and he will be stuck with George holding some flowers for the rest of their time together.

We have no idea what the argument was about but it was awful. If this episode follows on directly from the previous episode then it may be a row about how Lynne blurts out sentences from nowhere. George would like to know what she means but Lynne is very embarrassed by it all. She clams up and then George starts saying that she never tells him anything. Then Lynne says that if he wasn't spending all his time at the office then he would know a little more about her. George then stormed out.

George likes the making up. When George and Lynne make up they hug near a demolition site. They are so in love that they do not notice a building being demolished right behind them. They are behind the tape so they will not be hurt but they may get a little covered in dust. This building that is being demolished holds significant meaning to George and Lynne as it is the first place they met. Unfortunately now it is gone.


  1. Both the girl in the flower shop and George's pall look to have had the same poor post trauma reconstruction work performed upon them. Were the IRA particularly active in Wimbledon in the 80s? Probably, we conclude.

    George is pairing up the only man who would go out with a woman with no chin with the only woman in wimbledon who would look at a man with no left side of his face. (F: Face; has their face fallen on one side?)

    They could talk about their post traumatic stress and compare bad surgery together.

    George, you old matchmaker, you. It's either love, or the start of a class action law suit against the surgeon. Kerching.

    Alas, too soon. The IRA have come back to finish their job in blowing up the flower shop. Lets hope the bomb cloud which is approaching does not scar George and Lynne like it did the other two.

    George, your friend would still be alive if you had not been so meddling. Something to think about in the lonely hours.

  2. Nice to see George and Lynne sharing a bit of affection rather than just gawking at each other.