Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sammy is at George and Lynne's and asks George if there is any football on. George apologises and says that Lynne is in charge of the remote. Sammy asks George if there is anything worse than a woman channel hopping. George says there is and it is if she finds the shopping channel.

This episode takes place further in the future than our normal adventures. Lynne is wanting to find the shopping channel so she must be watching QVC. QVC was launched in America in November 1986 so it is likely that George, Lynne, Sammy and 'Mantha have gone on holiday to Florida to enjoy some warm weather in the winter. They have booked into a hotel suite and Sammy has come to George's room to watch sport. They are not outside enjoying the weather as it is a rainy day in Orlando today or they only have an hour to wait until they have to leave for their flight. Either that or they have just arrived and are settling into their rooms.

Sammy asks if there is any footy on but he must be referring to American Football as it is unlikely that British football would be broadcast on American television in 1986. However he could be enquiring about soccer in America but unfortunately for Sammy the NASL was closed in 1984 and wouldn't start again, in the guise of Major League Soccer, until 1993. So Sammy's question is redundant even if Lynne was not in charge of the remote.

Lynne is amazed at the amount of channels on American TV and has immediately decided to go through all of them. She has found the shopping channel but this is also redundant as George can only deal in cash when in America. Even if Lynne did find something she liked, she does not have a US credit card so she would not be able to buy it. Let's hope 'Mantha comes in soon and suggests they go to the mall or Disneyworld as these three haven't worked out they are in a different country yet.


  1. I think this must be slightly more in the future than is suggested. That's a flat screen TV with what looks like a VCR/DVD combo underneath it. I'd say this is about 2004 or so and could therefore be the UK.

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