Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Lynne is at a work out with two friends and talking about other friends they know. Later when Lynne is home, she comments to George about all the gossip she heard. George makes a pun on the term power walking, which is what Lynne was doing, by calling it power talking. Lynne light heartedly throws a shoe in the general direction of George.

Lynne and her friends have gone to work out in a ladder shop. One of the pieces of gossip is that Carol has left Bill. Is this the same Bill that we met here? If it is then Bill will be happy as he has wanted this for years.

When Lynne gets home, she immediately strips off in the living room with the curtains open. Everyone can see her and George says nothing. But then again George has never been one to tell his wife to cover up.

The most disturbing thing here is not the fact that Lynne could have seriously injured George with her shoe throwing - just look at the ferocity which she throws it - but that George is reading the Sun. What's his reaction going to be when he turns to the cartoons page and sees his life played out in three panels? This is the sort of thing that destroys universes. He must know about it. Maybe he chooses to ignore it. He knows it's there but if he pretends to he doesn't know then the universe is safe.

Also, George has more money than to buy Lynne a pair of knock off Nikes. The tick is the wrong way round! George may have been in a hurry, he is after all the town's best property lawyer, but I expect to know a fake Nike when he sees one.


  1. Actually the swoosh isn't the wrong way round. It always it gets reversed on the other side of the shoe, or on the other shoe. The shape however does look pretty suspect. Perhaps more importantly, the company was only formed under it's current name with it's older version of it's current logo in Beaverton, Oregon in 1978 which means that the bootleggers must have been very savvy indeed to have ripped of what in England at the time must have been a real rarity.

  2. I should think by now that you would have realized that Lynne is an exhibitionist. That is her particular sexual kink. While George was initially quite uncomfortable with the fact that his wife allowed other men to see her naked, he has come to terms with this because he loves her. So far as he is concerned, if being naked in front of stranger makes Lynne happy, he will be supportive. This is why he often puts Lynne in compromising positions to pretend to gaze hungrily ate at her nakedness. he knows she likes that sort of thing. Meanwhile, George prefers quiet afternoons sitting in their matching arm chairs reading. it's the simple things he's living for.