Wednesday, June 17, 2009


George and Lynne are in a ski lift with an elderly couple. The gentleman is explaining that he was a diplomat for 30 years but now he is retired. Lynne asks whether he is still a diplomatic person, to which the man replies that he is, and adds that he always remembers his wife's birthday but not how old she is.

George and Lynne are on a skiing holiday as they have a spare bit of disposable income due to the current economic climate (despite what this man thinks) and George's job, which may be a solicitor. They have befriended an elderly couple in a ski lift. They could have met them before in the chalet but this topic of conversation probably would have come up sooner over an apres ski drink. The elderly couple are relatively posh and intelligent due to the fact that they both wear glasses and the man, despite being out in freezing temperatures, still wears a cravat.

This phrase is probably his stock reply when people ask him about being a diplomat. He may be a little tired of saying it but it is guaranteed to always get a laugh. As soon as he says it, they all roar with laughter but it's quite awkward when they stop laughing as there's still a minute until the cable car stops and they've run out of conversation.

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