Thursday, June 11, 2009


George is digging an allotment whilst Lynne watches. Some other men are also digging nearby. George proclaims that it is hard work and Lynne suggests he take a break. Lynne says that she will get the works done, one way or another. The nearby men get closer to Lynne and George has a surprised expression.

Where this allotment is, we don't know but George is not suitably attired. The jeans may be an old pair but a short sleeved white shirt is no garment for an allotment, especially when there's digging to be done. Look at the other men; it's shorts and t-shirts all round. This must be a newly acquired allotment if there are 4 separate men deciding to dig on that day, or it's the first good Saturday they've had in a month.

How long has George been digging? More importantly, how long has Lynne just been watching in a pair of hot pants? Never mind, as long as she's helping now. Lynne knows that the men will crowd round and offer to help, which is probably why she offered her services to George in the first place. Is George puzzled at how Lynne will get the work done, or the effect she has on nearby men in general? It can't be the latter as he's been married to her for about 8 years and she's got topless on a high number of occasions.

The most alarming thing about this tale is the man in the black t-shirt. When George is digging he is wearing some tatty jeans and going about his business. However, when he crowds round Lynne something sinister has occurred. He has now discarded his jeans and is standing there, hand on hips in his white boxer shorts. Don't try telling me he had tennis shorts underneath his trousers; the man is in his pants. That is what George should be puzzled about.

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