Sunday, June 28, 2009


George and Lynne have gone to a restaurant when Lynne notices a woman in a skimpy outfit by the name of Louise. She is with her latest husband, Tony. Louise and Tony are having an argument, the culmination of which is Louise throwing a plate of food over Tony's head. Lynne makes a joke that it will be a messy divorce both in the legal problems and that Tony is a mess due to the aforementioned food now covering him.

By the way Lynne says 'Oh', there is obviously something George has said before that we don't hear. In this case it is probably along the lines of 'Who is that ridiculously dressed strumpet?', 'Who on earth comes to a modern restaurant dressed like a hooker?' or 'Look at that tart. One of your friends I assume Lynne?'

Tony is Louise's latest husband, thus giving the impression that she has had a few and they have lasted an equally short amount of time. How is Louise getting so many husbands? Has word not got out that they don't last long? Maybe she meets them on holiday. She is obviously very attractive but my does she have a temper on her. To go from dressing seductively for a evening meal to filing for divorce, Tony must have done something pretty bad. He looks pretty shocked and apologetic. It's a shame because he doesn't seem to have got out an explanation. I think this is Louise's problem, she doesn't listen. If she took time to have a conversation with Tony they perhaps could work it out.

The scene doesn't seem to have affected the other customers who don't bat an eyelid at Louise's outburst. Maybe it happens all the time. Maybe that's Louise's 'divorce restaurant', or maybe it's the only place in town that will let her in looking like that.

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