Monday, June 8, 2009


George arrives home from work and tells Lynne such. Lynne tells him to get changed for Line Dancing. George knew nothing about this before hand but seems to be quite pleased that they are going.

George has just returned home from the 1950s. Even in the 1970s, where George and Lynne live, no one wore a hat to work. Lynne really should have given George a bit of warning as he's been hard at work all day and he may not want to go Line Dancing. In fact he does actually seem a little bit annoyed that Lynne has arranged this without his knowledge.

George's change of mood can only be attributed to Lynne's attire, which is risque to say the least. Whether George's mood will stay as high when he realises that he will go all the way to Line Dancing for Lynne to be turned away for dressing like a trollope and then come home having wasted a whole evening without any dancing, country music or hanky panky (because Lynne's mood change was as drastic as George's, although in the opposite direction due to the aforementioned lack of dancing), remains to be seen.


  1. thanks for the explanations ... it really help my appreciation of this great comic strip.

    so, to look in Lynne's mind toda:, she loves line dancing, George hates it. George has already told her on the phone that he isn't going and that he's meeting Sammy at the pub. Lynne knows that he has more in mind than drinking, he's been spending more time down there since they hired new bar staff.

    Lynne knows they way to bring George around is through pandering to his perversion of having other men see her body. So she dresses accordingly (she quite likes this as well). So a win all around: Lynne gets to dance, George gets to ogle and later it will be all smiles and general happiness. And she kept him out of that damned pub.

  2. But poor Sammy is left to drink on his own. Not good for the old soak.