Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Lynne is sunbathing topless with an unnamed friend (it could be Ellie but I doubt she'd get married to someone that quickly even if she did break up with the saxophone man). Her husband brings them some iced tea, to which the friend says that he will do everything for her. The man says that every man should have a woman who appeals to his better qualities. He then says he should also have another woman to make him forget about them, thus implying he needs another woman for his evil side and therefore have an affair with.

Are Lynne and her friend completely naked? It's difficult to tell. I know it's hot but being completely naked might not be totally necessary. Both Lynne and her friend seem to like the comment by smiling at him, giving the impression that it was a lovely thing to say. The husband then goes off to the front of the house to meet another unnamed woman to finish his sentence. What he says is in bold and italics, meaning he is both shouting and whispering those words. 

What sort of town is this? Everyone under the sun is having an affair at the drop of a hat. This man has a wife who gets naked in the back garden but he is more than happy to find another woman to perform sordid sex acts with. We can only assume that his wife is denying him any sexual activity, but still isn't an excuse. And how long has this woman been waiting outside? Did she come round and then the husband said 'Hang on a minute, I'm just making my wife and her friend some iced tea and I'll be right out.' And he's about to go off in his vest and shorts with this woman? She's certainly kidding herself. He's not going to leave his wife, that's for sure.

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  1. My wife gets naked and drunk in our backgarden with her friends, particularly if the Eurovision Song Contest is being broadcast. She claims it is something to do with the strange acts on television.