Thursday, May 12, 2011


George and Lynne are in a hotel. A woman tells her husband, Arnold, that they should take the stairs. Upon hearing this, George suggests to Lynne that they do the same. Lynne says she doesn't want to walk up four floors and that the lift is coming anyway. When the lift arrives she asks the lift operator where he's been. He replies that by asking Lynne where anyone goes in a lift.

George and Lynne are on a weekend away. They are staying in quite a fancy hotel and judging by George's attire they have just come back from dinner. George and Lynne's room is on the fourth floor and as it's late, Lynne does not feel like walking.

The hotel is so fancy it has an old style lift which needs an operator. This means that unless the lift stops after a certain time, the operator has to work all night. When the lift does come, Lynne is very rude to the operator. He only looks young and is only doing this job so he can have a little extra money in his pocket for the weekends. Lynne takes her anger at George for suggesting they walk out on the operator.

Not willing to take that sort of abuse, the lift operator throws all lift operating etiquette out of the window and answers in a condescending manner. Had Lynne actually understood what the lift operator meant, she may have reported him to the manager. George sees that Lynne is drunk so quietly apologises to the lift operator and takes her to bed.

Note: There is literally nothing funny about this cartoon.


  1. From the lift and the way the other characters are talking, this must be the USA. George has brought Lynne to the world's most prestigious property law conference and she has embarrassed him with her drunkenness.

    The lift attendant is making fun of her by using the word "lift". He has already met her and knows he cannot expect a tip from the tight-fisted limey broad, so he is happy to be insolent.

    (This could have been mildly funny in the hands of an artist with the drawing and writing skills needed to portray the timing, facial expression and tone of voice of the attendant. Only mildly funny though.)

  2. Spot on Hughesie, even by G&L standards this is poor.