Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Lynne is recounting a story to George. She tells him that the door slammed shut and she was locked out wearing only a towel. George asks if she got help. Lynne replies that she got help from the police and also the fire brigade, an ambulance, a postman and a window cleaner.

Lynne has a very interesting story to tell George and she insists on launching into it as soon as he gets home from work. He hasn't even had time to loosen his tie. Lynne, on the other hand, didn't bother to get dressed today.

Lynne was outside in only a towel because she was just about to have a bath and decided she wanted a cup of tea whilst in the bath. There was no milk in the fridge so she went outside to see if the milkman had been. He had and as she went out to pick up the milk the door slammed shut, just as Lynne said.

Lots of people came to help Lynne. The window cleaner offered to go up his ladder to open a window, the ambulance was there in case he fell, the postman was there to verify that Lynne actually lived there and the policeman was there so no one reported a break in, thus wasting more police time. This does beg the question of what the fireman was doing there. He just wanted to see if he could look at Lynne's boobs.


  1. How did Lynne get into a bra in the interval between the first two frames? I thought she didn't wear one, anyway, but the disconnect is typical of the way this comic went in the last few years. More than one cartoonist, and none of them talking to each other. It's time to post more of the B&W oldies!

  2. The first and last frames are in the story Lynne is telling. You can tell by the wobbly edges.

    I think the fireman was there to tell her how to wear a towel properly so her arse isn't hanging out for the world to see.

    And the postman was there to complain about her ridiculously narrow letterbox. In fact, maybe she had to go out in the first place to accept a packet from him.