Thursday, May 5, 2011


Lynne is doing the ironing. She thinks that there are too many of George's shirts to iron. George comes in shirtless and asks Lynne what is going on. Lynne says that it is a one woman walk out and that she isn't doing any more ironing. She adds that she is striking while the iron is hot.

George has no shirts to wear and has demanded that Lynne iron them because there is no way in hell he will iron his own shirts. He owns eight shirts. Three pink, three blue and two beige. This is odd because whenever he returns from work he is usually wearing a white shirt. This means that Lynne has ruined his shirts by putting colours in with them. How she got three different colours out of one wash is something to marvel at.

George's question is not about Lynne's ironing but why there is water all over the kitchen and all his shirts are not white and in a wet heap on the ironing board. Lynne's proclamation of a strike has just confused him.

If George knows best, he will run downstairs before Lynne's reckless iron positioning sets the living room on fire. She doesn't understand about heat.


  1. Looks like Lynne is a fan of Brentford F.C. She has shown her commitment by buying a red-and-white striped shirt and applying iron-on transfers of her name and the striker's number. Unfortunately, the colour faded a bit when she put it in the hot wash with George's shirts.

  2. Or is it Sunderland? I'd never considered that she might hail from the north-east before. Maybe her accent changed while she was at Cambridge.

  3. Given that Lynne doesn't appear to have a job, it seems likely that George is going to be furious that she hasn't ironed his shirts. Adding insult to injury, her glib comment in the third frame is just going to make George even more angry. Lynne, your indolent days with Mantha buying clothes and lunching will soon be numbered as George takes away your credit card.