Monday, May 9, 2011


Lynne is in the bath and on the phone to an unnamed friend. The friend tells Lynne that she has applied for the job as Mr Valentino's secretary. Lynne tells her to watch him as she's heard he treats woman as sex objects. Lynne's friend says that he was fine with and said she had all the right qualifications. Lynne thinks this is typing and computer skills but the friend says it is long legs and big boobs.

Mr Valentino is well known in Wimbledon. Where he works or what he does we do not know but we do know he has been advertising for a secretary. Either his workload has increased so much that he now needs one or the previous one left.

Lynne has failed to use the plural of woman when she warns her friend. She may have wanted to say 'his woman' but that would imply that Lynne's friend was entering into more than a business relationship with him.

This being the 1980s, Mr Valentino is able to hire his secretaries based purely on their looks, with no formal qualifications needed. Lynne's friend's boobs are so big, a pre-requisite for Mr Valentino, that she can't even stand up straight. Perfect for filing, not so good for typing up letters.


  1. Poor Mr Valentino. Just because of his name, people assume he must be some kind of sex maniac. He does cause some problems for himself by sarcastically playing up to these prejudices but, unlike Lynne, her friend understands his dry humour. She is smarter than Lynne and may get the job.

    What a tiny, tiny telephone/walkie-talkie.

  2. I hired one like that, for the same reason. Turned out she could type, too.

  3. Unusually deep bath for Lynne there. Has George finally relaxed his strict regime of water restrictions?