Friday, May 20, 2011


Lynne is in bed. George comes in with a box of chocolates as an apology for forgetting. Lynne asks him what he has forgotten. George says he will keep the chocolates as Lynne herself has forgotten, but Lynne doesn’t let him.

George is in his casual attire but Lynne is in her underwear so it is difficult to know what time of day it is. It must be the weekend, sometime around mid to late afternoon. George has been out in town and has forgotten something, so buys some chocolates.

The real mystery is what George has forgotten. If he was in town but he had time to buy chocolates, then it is unlikely he forgot to buy something for Lynne. Lynne is scantily dressed so he could have forgotten about their planned romantic evening together.

This isn’t right because even Lynne has forgotten. We also know that Lynne usually dresses like this in the day so George could have forgotten anything. The irony would be if George had forgotten to buy Lynne chocolates, but surely neither of them are that stupid.

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