Monday, May 16, 2011


Lynne and 'Mantha are out. Lynne sees the local snooker champion on crutches and points him out to 'Mantha. 'Mantha is shocked and asks Lynne how he broke his leg. Lynne tells her that he tripped over on a number 147 bus. 'Mantha says that it sounds painful. Lynne agrees and adds that it was the 147 break he didn't want.

Wimbledon has a local snooker champion. Lynne does not tell us which snooker championship he won but it was likely to be the Wimbledon Open. If he was a professional, he probably wouldn't be getting the bus.

'Mantha doesn't read the local newspaper so doesn't know about the snooker champion's accident. She prefers to ask Lynne about any news because it gives them something to talk about. Without that conversation starter, they would most likely be sitting in silence.

The snooker champion was on the 147 bus when he broke his leg. We don't know exactly why he was in the Wanstead/Plaistow area. He might have been going to watch West Ham United. He has decided not to sue Transport For London as the unwanted attention might affect his training. Lynne looks very angry at the end. She had a large bet on him winning the South West London Championship.


  1. London Transport?

    It's hard to break a leg just by tripping over. This man is no snooker champion but merely an unfortunate passerby. Lynne made the whole thing up just to tell the feeble joke she made up while watching Pot Black yesterday. At the end she is not angry but ashamed; she mumbles the punchline with her eyes downcast and her soul weeping.

  2. 'Mantha should be the one hanging her head in shame. I mean, look at those earrings - they're shameful even by her standards.

  3. Looks like 'Mantha is porking out, too.