Thursday, May 19, 2011


George and Lynne are getting dressed. Lynne asks George if he thinks the dress she is wearing is a bit clingy. George says it isn't but he is.

George and Lynne are about to go out. Once again they have to go through the ridiculous charade of Lynne trying on all these different dresses so that George gives her a compliment.

In order to get George's attention, Lynne strikes the same pose as she did when she was hailing a cab in harlequin leggings. This must be her, 'everyone look at me pose.' Well it worked then and it's working now.

George is right, the dress isn't clingy. It actually hangs rather than clings to her body. Lynne must have confused the meaning of clingy with revealing. But now because of George, she will wear that out, even though it is in fact a nightie.

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