Friday, May 27, 2011


Lynne is looking at herself in the mirror. She sighs and says she’s not as young as she used to be. George comes in and tells Lynne that she’s only as old as she feels and then adds that she feels pretty good to him.

Lynne is going through a bit of a crisis. In addition to feeling dated, she is now examining her wrinkles in the mirror. This is a mistake. Everyone knows that the harsh light of the bathroom is never flattering.

George, whose tan has lasted longer than Lynne’s, offers up his sympathy. But would you look at the size of his underpants. They are the smallest he has ever worn. A great deal of waxing has gone one there to ensure his pant moustache is not visible.

It appears that George and Lynne don’t have an ensuite bathroom as such, but a sink and mirror in their bedroom, like you find in a B&B. Perhaps George and Lynne’s house used to be a B&B. This may explain the bad water pressure and filthy shower.

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