Tuesday, December 21, 2010


George and Lynne are eating Christmas dinner and Lynne thanks Helen for inviting them. Helen's husband says it is their pleasure and suggests starting the occasion with the crackers. Helen wants to wait because George hasn't got one. George claims that he has as he pulled this cracker years ago. Lynne says 'Oh darling'.

So it seems even though they stuffed themselves silly just this afternoon, George and Lynne are now enjoying yet another Christmas dinner. George will be as big as a house by the end of the festive period.

Even though Helen and her husband had invited George and Lynne over, they have only placed three crackers on the table. This begs so many questions, the main one being what two-bit shop did they buy a packet of crackers that only had three inside? This could be 'secondary' Christmas dinner for both couples. Helen and her husband have already had a group of people over this afternoon for Christmas lunch and used up the other nine crackers from their standard box. They suddenly remembered that they had invited George and Lynne over, possibly at the same time that George and Lynne remembered that they had been invited over. If they just came clean with each other, they would have a right old laugh and no one would have to eat a second Christmas dinner.

Helen and her husband seem suitably unimpressed with George's use of the words 'pulled' and 'cracker' when referring to Lynne and so is Lynne. Her 'Oh darling' is laced with more disdain than affection. The effects of George's four pack of Hofmeister at lunch are yet to wear off, leaving him open, as evidenced here, to the occasional social faux pas.


  1. The paper hats support this interpretation. Normally you would get the paper hats out of the crackers. There must have been a load of paper hats already lying around when G&L arrived, so they took some and put them on straight away.

    The state of Helen's nipples provides further support. It is clearly quite cold, probably because they opened the windows when the other guests left, to clear the air of cigarette smoke and christmas pudding farts.

    A look at the plates provides the final proof. The only food left in the house was a packet of Smash.

  2. By this stage, George will be sporting not so much a six pack as a barrel.

  3. There's a really confusing violation of the 180 degree rule during this one. It gives the impression they're playing musical chairs as they eat.