Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Lynne is doing some stretching with 'Mantha and tells her that she and George went dancing. 'Mantha asks if it was disco or ballroom dancing. Lynne says it was morris dancing and George was shamed.

Lynne and 'Mantha know the importance of stretching before working out. They are being guided through a stretching routine by a woman with curly hair who is stretching her groin. Lynne is doing her abdomen whereas 'Mantha is attempting to bend over without falling over due to her massive bosom.

'Mantha switches to abdomen and calls out the only two types of dancing that she thinks Lynne would do, knowing full well that Breakdancing is far too modern for the likes of Lynne. Lynne recounts the morris dancing incident so vividly that what we see is 'Mantha's vision of it all. George was shamed but not until he was in full regalia and just about to start dancing. This can't be right, Lynne is not that bad a story teller. It must be that 'Mantha wasn't listening properly but trying to think of a third type of dance.


  1. Lynne: "Morris"
    George: "Oh the shame of it"

    Lynne has been having a sordid affair with Morris & now all the dance team know. George is ashamed that he isn't man enough for Lynne but she is fed up with his tricks to see her naked.

    she hasn't found out that the dance team share a communal bath after a hard workout...

  2. Of course, the Morris dancers are the heroes here.