Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Lynne tells George that they will have their own Christmas pudding this year. George says it smells delicious. George holds up a spoon and suggests they both stir it and make a wish. Lynne says that her wish is to eat the pudding and not put on a single ounce.

It's the end of Christmas day for George and Lynne and after two enormous dinners they are back home. Lynne winds down by taking off all her clothes, donning an apron and making a Christmas pudding, as if they hadn't eaten enough today. They turned down the offer of pudding at Helen's house in order to make their own later.

Lynne does not know that when you say your wish out loud it does not come true. However, she still looks pretty trim despite the amount she's eaten today. George, on the other hand, seems now to have a belly that has folded over the top of his trousers.

With Lynne's wish now null and void, it is up to George's wish to put everything right. Instead of wishing for his holiday weight to go in a flash, George has sensibly wished for a cut price painter and decorator to sort out the frankly appalling tile pattern in his kitchen. There's just no order to it at all.


  1. Lynne probably does know that you shouldn't say your wish but her habit of blurting her thoughts out loud got the better of her again.

    What the heck is the black thing behind the marijuana plant? Does it have "Tamar" written on it?

  2. The colouring is all wrong on this one.