Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Lynne is at the gym talking to an unnamed friend who asks her if Lynne thinks it's a good idea to date your personal trainer. Lynne says it depends and asks if they are both unattached. George appears and says they look very attached to him as the couple clinch.

Lynne's gym has everything. It has exercise bikes, motivational posters, adverts for chocolate bars and even a place where you can write cheques. It also looks like it has a bar. A man with a moustache wearing a dress is enjoying that part of the gym.

Lynne's friend is seemingly asking her for advice but she doesn't want it. While Lynne completes her paying in slip, her friend has already jumped on her new lover. This is rather unprofessional of the personal trainer, but maybe this is the service he offers. This gym does have everything.

In the meantime George has sidled his way into the gym having enjoyed a smoothie from the bar. On his way back he wondered about the reputability of the gym, but he was lucky to find a certificate on the wall. It clearly states that the gym has license to sell intoxicating beverages.

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