Tuesday, December 7, 2010


George and Lynne are walking down the road. Coming towards them is a man in a sandwich board saying 'The End Of The World Is...' on the front and 'Not Yet Here So Eat At Bernie's' on the back. George and Lynne smile.

As George and Lynne pass a woman who is quite clearly trying to hide her identity having just stolen something from CHOC, they are not yet interested in this man's sign. In these times, it was common for men to be predicting the end of the world. They must see his ruse as he would not just write 'Nigh' on the back of his sandwich board as that would be bad writing space management.

Bernie's advertising campaign is trying to convey that there is lots of time for you to eat at Bernie's. Unfortunately this causes most people who see the placard to think that they will go to Bernie's tomorrow and then promptly forget about it. If the campaign said that the end of the world is nigh so eat at Bernie's then it would be better as it would imply that even though the world was about to end, eating at Bernie's would still be considered as a sensible option for the last remaining moments because the food is so good. Unfortunately, Bernie of Bernie's is so strapped for cash that he can only afford a man in a sandwich board as advertising which itself implies that the food isn't very good.

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