Thursday, December 9, 2010


George and Lynne are out jogging. Lynne notices Savannah and tells George that she's back with Henry. George says that's what you call recycling.

It is an autumn day and George and Lynne have decided to wear their tracksuits for their run as it is a bit chilly. Savannah on the other hand does not feel the cold as much and is only wearing t-shirt and shorts. Henry, although carrying a little paunch, has wrapped up in a polo neck and slacks. Probably not the most appropriate attire for a bike ride, but he thought they were only going round the block.

Savannah and Henry have decided to give their marriage another chance. Henry, being quite a bit older than Savannah, has agreed to get into shape, hence the bike ride. Henry had previously been heading to an early grave by smoking cigars, eating foie gras and drinking scotch. In order to get his wife back, he has decided to drop his vices.

With recycling being a relatively new term, George has seen it used in many newspapers and has decided to drop it into conversation to show that he his is up-to-date with current affairs. Unfortunately, George skim reads the papers and has got the meaning of recycling completely wrong. Luckily for him, the only person in earshot is Lynne who is equally as ignorant. Unluckily for him, he will drop recycling into another conversation later in the week and will then be ridiculed for his error.


  1. if George and Lynne don't look where they are going they will run into as rose bush with unfeasibly large blooms.

  2. Lynne shouldn't be so complacent.