Monday, December 13, 2010


George and Lynne are out driving. George looks at a busty woman and Lynne tells him to keep his eyes on the road. George complies and looks at a busty cyclist. Lynne is upset.

It seems the George's Mercedes has given up the ghost as this car has the look of a Renault Kangoo or its mid 1980s equivalent, perhaps a Fiesta Poplar. Lynne is right, he needs to keep his eye on the road as he is about to hit a car reversing out of the Wimbledon Stock Exchange, the centre of the financial world in 1983.

What strange weather there is in Wimbledon today. It is obviously a clement day judging by the attire of the two busty women, but the cyclist is emerging from deep fog. This may not be fog but the billows of smoke after George went into the back of the investment banker. George's new car is already ruined. This is what Lynne is really annoyed about. Not being a driver herself, Lynne has always relied on George to take her to the boutiques in town. Now she'll have to walk.


  1. George has forgotten that Lynne is in the car and lapses into his familiar 'kerb crawling' antics.

    A little bit of Lynnes heart dies.

  2. Is it something in the water supply or natural selection that is responsible for this concentration of large breasted women?

    whatever, I want to move there.

  3. George is aware of these other ladies' charms, but his energy is reserved for Lynne only; they are married.

  4. Robbo: One word: Australia.

  5. Anonymous: are you refering to their Cricket team?

  6. No current affairs conversations here. It's 1983.