Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Lynne and 'Mantha are out jogging. Lynne tells 'Mantha that Kelly-Ann has no visible means of support. 'Mantha asks if that means she doesn't work. Lynne says it means she doesn't wear a bra.

After the mirror incident, Lynne is upping her fitness regime and has dragged 'Mantha along for the ride. Lynne is still self conscious about her figure so she gone for the t-shirt rather than wearing a clingy vest. 'Mantha has done the same because her earrings match her top.

Kelly-Ann's dress really is skin-tight. It forms perfectly around her breasts which are massive. It is unclear whether Lynne and 'Mantha are looking at Kelly-Ann with disgust or respect. 'Mantha's face shows fear. She knows that without a bra, Kelly-Ann's assets will droop into later life, leaving her with a saggy bosom.

Kelly-Ann does work. She is the new secretary for Mr Valentino.


  1. Kelly-Ann appears to be stroking the black-and-white woman's bottom lightly with the back of her hand.

  2. A welcome, if ludicrous, return for ubb jiggle lines. Kelly Ann doesn't appear to be wearing any knickers under that tiny dress either. She's running the risk of an arrest for indecent exposure.

    I like how the visible parts of the sign behind Lynne spell out "Puke".

  3. Every time I think G&L has reached a new low it manages to prove me wrong. Quite frankly the worst strip yet.

    And Kelly Ann is clearly Cloe Rocos.

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