Monday, July 11, 2011


George and Lynne are at home. George presents Lynne with a gift of new earrings. Lynne says they are the perfect pair for her. She bends over and George says they are the perfect pair for him.

George has surprised Lynne with a nice gift how very thoughtful of him. He has been rewarded with a look down her top. It would have been easier to drop his keys and ask her to pick them up.


  1. She's already bending over in the first picture. Is she dusting a coffee table or has she knackered her back? If the latter, maybe George bought her the earrings to take her mind off the pain.

    Also, sheesh. Even I could draw boobs better than that.

  2. Right, Fact. This used to be an entertaining cartoon, but the jokes and the drawing went to sh*t. No wonder it's gone now. Hughesie, go back to the oldies in B&W for the good stuff.