Tuesday, July 5, 2011


George and Lynne are at home. Lynne tells George he's been on the computer for hours and asks him what is more important, his work or his wife. George immediately responds that his work is. Then, upon seeing Lynne disrobe, changes his mind and says his wife is more important.

Lynne is right, George has been on the computer for hours. He can't understand it. He presses the keys but nothing comes on the screen. This is because he has the monitor not only not switched on, but also the wrong way round. He'll never finish those reports. Oh why can't he go back to using his precious ledgers, so neatly stacked on his desk.

If he doesn't finish the reports, his boss will have his guts for garters. Then he will be fired and therefore not be able to support his wife. So in this way, his work is more important. He then realises he can tell his boss the computer didn't work. No one will know that nothing was wrong with it as they all couldn't work the computers. The boss will be irritated but concedes that he will have to send his staff on a computer training course.


  1. It can't help that he seems to have the keyboard back-to-front as well. Computers are mysterious and difficult for everyone in the early 80s. A training course will definitely be needed before George can start producing useful "spreadsheets" with VisiCalc.

  2. Another example of the bad drawing that caused this 'toon to fail. The idea is good; I could be distracted by Lynne myself, but pointing the screen the wrong way is not George's fault. Too bad the artist is unemployed now.

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